Angažirani očevi Poslovna inteligencija Active Fatherhood


What does it really mean to be an engaged and responsible dad? How does the father’s active involvement affect the upbringing of the child and can it coexist with a demanding career? These are the questions we talked about at the educational workshop “Active Fatherhood” for working dads in Poslovna inteligencija.

Angažirani očevi Poslovna inteligencija Active Fatherhood

At the workshop, our educators – Dianna K. Descovich, Lana Kihas and Bruno Šimleša – shared their insights and expertise about the growing role of fathers in today’s society.

During this transformative workshop, fathers, as well as those who will soon become fathers, had an invaluable opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their key role in raising children. They discovered how influential a father figure can be in nurturing a child’s self-confidence and mental and physical well-being.

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