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Active Fatherhood Workshop for IBM Employees

Judging by feedback from fathers at IBM, the division of family responsibilities and raising children in their families is equally shared between the parents. The challenges are, of course, always found, both in educational styles and in partner relationships, in the joint upbringing of the new generation.
IBM Angažirani očevi

At the highly engaged Active Fatherhood Workshop, which was attended by 25 dads under the expert guidance of Lana Kihas and Dianna K. Descovich, the very important topic of the rights of separated fathers who face numerous problems in their parental role, including a high degree of distrust in their parental competence, was opened.

What to say when, for example, a teacher in a kindergarten or at a school only wants to give important information to moms, as if dads are not independent and responsible?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, and you are a dad, it is definitely necessary to react and draw attention to the responsibility and authority that you possess. And if you are a mom, relax and trust your partner, the father of your child, he can do it himself. ☺

The education was held as part of the “Active Fatherhood” project, which is implemented by the MODE1 association with the financial support of the Central State Office for Demography and Youth.

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